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BRIGHT FOCUS FOR TOURISM SERVICES AND INVESTMENTS is a well-established private company in Libya for Tourism Services. BRIGHT FOCUS is a Joint Stock Company with 500 share holders and started in 1998 with an initial capital of one million. Our Head office is located in Benghazi, which is the second biggest and the principal city as well as the economic pole of Libya. We have representatives in Tripoli and Sebha.

 We are mainly dealing with Incoming Tourists. Above all we are the Ground Handlers for some major European
Tour Operators. Taking the advantage of Internet facilities, small groups as well as individuals could could succeed in visiting Libya by their direct contact with us. We have our own standard itineraries which cover most of the important sites in Libya. We are also making tailor made programs if our customers need some different nature tours.

Hospitality and Service to Humanity is BRIGHT FOCUS Aim and Motto. Most of the Libyan companies in
Tourism sector started only during the last three years. Though our company is still young like other companies, the number of tourists visited Libya through us reveals the quality of our services. Our staff always ensures the
satisfaction of our customers like their enjoyments, entertainments, safe and pleasant travels, and providing comfortable accommodations.

Tour Operators, groups, individuals or any organizations who wish to conduct some visit programs in Libya can contact us at any time. We are always at your service. We promise an excellent quality of services, because we believe in the best and our customer's satisfaction is our satisfaction.

If you need some more information or required any clarifications for your future programs, please feel free and contact us. You are most welcome to BRIGHT FOCUS. We are always at your service. Also if you are in need of any other services from Libya relating to some other aspects, don't hesitate to contact us. Our Information Service Section will do their best to provide you all possible and available information from Libya.

Our services start on the first Day you contact us.

Our Services Continue Even After Your Departure.


Mr. Abdul Naser M. O. Sallabi

Founder And Managing Director

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