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Libya today. Map and information

New map of Libya, today


Official Name :


Land Area:

1,759,540 square kilometers / 679,359 square miles.


6.6 Million (2011 estimate) 5,673,000 (September 15, 2006 census). Density 3.6 persons per square kilometer.


Libyan Arabic (official), Berber, English, Italian, Hamitic, Tifinagh.


Sunni Muslim 95%, Christian 3%.


Tripoli (Tarabulus).


Libyan Dinar (LYD), divided into 1000 dirham.


The 4th largest country in Africa. Libya is mostly desert, with only the narrow coastal strip (and esp the north east) receiving sufficient rainfall for agriculture. The vast majority of the interior is uninhabited desert dotted with small oasis communities, the largest being Sabha, that receives most of it's water from underground aquifers. The land rises in the south east to the Tibesti Mountains on the border with Chad.


National Flag - Ratio 2:3

Climate in Tripoli - elevation 59m/194ft

Position in Africa

Climate graph of Tripoli, Libya


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